Lake Anne Plaza

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View from inside the CupCake Ladi's Shop

No one at Lake Anne Plaza was surprised that “The CupCake Ladi” swept the very first Reston Rivals Challenge. The friendly competition was put on by Reston Patch. It was initially limited to Reston Town Center cupcake bakers Red Velvet and Edibles Incredible but community pressure persuaded Patch to open it up to include CCL.

With a handicap of two days without being able to collect reviews CCL came from behind in a blaze of lemon zest and blew past the competition with 63 reviews! Red Velvet came in at 42, and Edible Incredible came in with 1.

CCL has been a  wonderful addition to Lake Anne Plaza. Her small shop is located on the Quay down by the high rise at the far end of the Plaza. She has already leased the shop next door and will be expanding her shop to include an on premises bakery. “The CupCake Ladi” is deeply committed to a number of philanthropic pursuits including Reston Interfaith, animal and children related charities, she has a serious soft spot for those that need a hand; a percentage of each cupcake sale goes to support her various causes.

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