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The beautiful weather brings out the poet in all of us. Share your love of the written word tonight, and every 3rd Friday, at the Reston Used Book Store at 7:30. Master of Ceremonies Neal Warren will guide the evening’s readings.

Says Neal: “The goal of these evenings is to perpetuate the art of recitation. It says Poetry, but it could just as well be Poetic Prose or Prose itself. The important thing to consider is that writings should all share memories, emotions, experiences, analogies that stimulate. They should move or entertain. I’ve recited Chaucer at open poetry readings. I’ve recited Frost and Sassoon. Feel free to bring your favorites, yours or other poets. Or simply come to “feel us out” to become comfortable with who we are and our sincerety. Or simply come to listen. Or simply come to rest for a bit.”

Call for more information: Reston’s Used Book Shop

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