Lake Anne Plaza

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Setting up for the market

  The 2011 Market Season is only 3 weeks old and things are already jumping! The Farmers are 26 vendors strong and the Crafters are at 40+ and growing. The energy level has been awesome and vendors have been reporting solid sales from new and repeat customers. 

The Open Air Market is sporting wonderful diversity—everything from live Orchids to products made from the silky coats of Alpaca.  We even have cooking  classes being conducted by Big Red Kitchen! Proprietor Robin Joss makes use of the fresh products found in the Farmer’s Market and then teaches you how to turn it into culinary magic—right on the Plaza!

There is all sorts of music happening during the market. The Farmers have “Split String Soup” performing most Saturdays—a great mix of bluegrass and acoustic rock; Bieto our resident pan flute and guitar player can often be heard in front of La Villa Market. Down by the Pharmacy you can hear a variety of musicians at the Lake Anne Open Mic.

If you are a vendor check us out!  We can handle up to 65 vendors so there is room left–we are especially interested in Indie-clothing designers and unique accessories as well as specialty food products. Current vendors that make a referral of a quality vendor to the market will receive one week of free rent. The only catch is that you have to like them well enough to have them as your neighbor.

Visitors–don’t miss this amazing location-Lake Anne is Reston’s original village center and is home to small, locally owned businesses. Come, shop, enjoy the sights, have a great meal, buy a bottle of  VA wine from Lake Anne Florist & Virginia Gourmet, find a treasure in Reston’s Used Book Shop, a handcrafted toy from Small Change Children’s Consignment–a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

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