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Susaan Gerstein
small change consignment
Years in Business: 35 Years
Hometown: New York City
Where Do you Live in Reston: Next to Lake Anne Elementary School

1. Why did you decide to open your business in Lake Anne vs another location? What made you get into this line of work of owning/running a small business/restaurant?

Lake Anne Plaza has always been the heart & soul of Reston since it served as the town’s 1st neighborhood center in the 60’s, and it’s only grown more beautiful, & beloved. Also -All of our kids could walk or bike here without crossing a street, (which was true for me too, since I don’t see well enough to drive!) Friends Kathy Paolini, Margaret Johnson and myself knew a kids’ shop would fit right in & recycling was an eco ethic that would be embraced, even in 1981.

2. Tell us one thing most don’t know about you or would be a surprise?

My father taught me all about sports when I was a tiny kid with coke bottle glasses & no chance to actually participate. As a result, I’ve been a lifelong passionate fan of mostly NY teams. My 1st book report ever was about Willy Mays, even though he was in San Fran by then.

3. What do you like to do outside of work?

Nearly any time I’m not behind the counter these days it’s because we’re spending time with our kids & grandkids, or traveling.

4. What are three things on your bucket list?

1)Spend another 45 years with my husband
2)Have much longer visits with our three sons and five grandchildren & our larger extended family
3)Read all the books I haven’t gotten around to on our miles of bookshelves

5. If you had only one word to describe owning a business, what would you say?


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