Lake Anne Plaza

Living • Local

Lake Anne Plaza is the historic “heart and soul” of Reston, Virginia and the center of local living in our community.  Reminiscent of a European coastal village where people live, work and play, this spectacular community nestled around a lake, is one of the few places in Northern Virginia where you can dine or shop at independently owned establishments.  From our fine restaurants to unique boutiques to the seasonal craft and farmers market, Lake Anne Plaza embodies the best of living local.

A destination spot for residents and visitors alike, Lake Anne prides itself on being internationally recognized as one of the finest examples of the modern planned community. Lake Anne architecture has graced the cover of dozens of national and international magazines.

Located 8-miles from both Tysons Corner and Washington-Dulles International Airport, the Lake Anne Plaza is positioned for success with its excellent access and a close proximity (1.5 miles) to the Dulles Toll Road, the Fairfax County Parkway, and the Wiehle Ave./Dulles Toll Road Metro Station scheduled to open in 2013.  It is envisioned to be a thriving mixed-use area, attracting new residents, while also enhancing the historic and architectural quality of the Plaza.

Area Demographics

  • Average Age: 29-59
  • Average Household Income Range: $75,000-$150,000
  • Percentage of residential/business: 75% residential  25% business
  • Estimated population by race: 60% White 16% Asian 14% Other Race 10% African American
  • Population by gender: 50% Male 49% Female
  • Population by marital status:  42% married 58% single
  • Household by household size: 42% – 1 person 32% – 2 person  26% – 3+

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