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Little boats big fun!

It’s regatta time at Lake Anne, so bust out the yacht and come on down. Those crazy captains of the miniature yachts will be doing battle against the fickle seas of Lake Anne in the 5th Annual Lake Anne Regatta. Pitted against nature the captains will battle high winds, Canada Geese and the occasional Snapping Turtle as they duke it out for fame and glory.

The Northern Virginia Yacht Club sail regularly at Lake Anne, you can usually find them on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The 4th Sunday is a fun day where you will find all different types of radio controlled boats on the water being handled by beginners and veterans alike. On Fun Days feel free to ask questions and don’t be surprised if the Captain turns over the remote to the boat to let you try it for yourself!

1st race is at 10:00 am and will continue until about 3:00 pm.

This Saturday’s sail will include a raffle for a Victoria class model yacht and music by Lucia & Levi.

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